From the moment I set foot in Kinglake, Michelle was one of the first artists I associated with.
Volunteering at various community events, the ‘Into the Light’ festival, the local art group and art show means that we are often working together. Michelle continued her support for Kinglake Ranges Arts when it underwent a change and the new committee greatly appreciates her involvement. She gave us a fun-filled evening as ‘artist of the month’ at our gatherings and it was hard to bring the night to a close as we were enjoying her stories so much.
Participating in many of Michelle’s pastel art workshops I discovered the beauty of pastels and learnt a completely new way to achieve vibrant colours.  She is a very generous teacher both with her time and her knowledge. May her artistic journey continue long into the future and our paths continue to cross.

Julie van der Eynden
Kinglake Ranges Arts

I think that there is no bigger accolade then one given by a fellow who works in the same field and who knows (on a personal level) the amount of work, dedication and skill involved to be successful in that field. As one who gives her unbiased approval of such work, I would like to be one of those people in support of the art of Michelle Bolmat.

Most artists, like myself, need all the wall space available to display their own creations, but every now and then someone’s art comes along and it just NEEDS to join the personal treasures of “OUTSTANDING pieces by fellow artists”.

Michelle’s work is my selected art and it enhances two of my walls. Her amazing gift to capture the essence of animals has brought my horse into the living room while a soft, velvety panther takes pride of place on the opposite wall.

I can’t help but stare at both with love and in awe. I don’t paint, but if I could, to have Michelle’s skill is what I’d aim for.

If you want a painting that captures, not only the accurate features of your horse (or any other animal), but also and perhaps, most importantly, its spirit, its soul, Michelle Bolmat is the artist who will bring it to life on your wall.

I can’t praise her enough – top quality, great results. Expert. Creative.

Naomi Benheim
Kinglake Leather Artist


Michelle, is a very, very talented artist, passionate about the beauty of nature and continually expanding her skills which she has built up over the years.  Expertise in many modalities she not only can do, but she can teach and is also a holistic critic or judge, being able to look at the merit of every piece.

She has taught children, youth and adults from absolute beginner to prodigy types, making them feel competent and able to complete even pieces at home.  She obviously does it for the love over the income, as she has helped, coached and taught so many from all walks of life for very little material return.

Her encouragement and support and her ability to laugh along with us and not at us, has definitely lifted the brow-frowning concentration of many a student.

Her awards and prizes and the mammoth effort to instigate and run many art shows with the largest being ‘Emergence’ after the Black Saturday Fires which engaged fire-affected artists from all over the state to exhibit in Federation Square and which later toured Victoria is testament to her dedication.

Karen Ostenried
Founder and Director
The Matanya Effect
Leadership from Within

Michelle Bolmat is an exceptional artist whose skills cover a variety of mediums. She is passionate about her art and her work reflects this passion. Michelle’s skill in using pastels is highly acclaimed, and is a multi-award winning artist. She is always exploring new horizons with her art and produces unique pieces. Perhaps one of Michelle’s most endearing qualities is her willingness to share her skill and knowledge with aspiring artists of all ages. Michelle is an encouraging and supportive teacher who guides artists, young and old, to develop their talent and expand their skills. She generously fosters the arts within the community through her workshops and involvement many community arts events. Though personally affected by the Black Saturday fires, Michelle worked tirelessly to assist the recovery of others through the arts. Every community needs an artist with the passion and talent of Michelle Bolmat.

Kath Stewart

My name is Nick Farrugia. I’m 57 years old and have participated in art classes with Michelle Bolmat for over two years now and I find Michelle to be a highly skilled, perceptive and empathetic teacher. A wonderful person with a great sense of humour.

Nicolas Farrugia